Tangle Tags 50 Rectangular shaped Zentangle pattern tags


Tangle Tags - Pack of x50 rectangular shaped tags for storing your Zentangle patterns.

I designed these rectangular shaped Tangle Tags as I wanted somewhere I could store my chosen Tangles when I travel, use for reference but also something that I can add or remove if I wanted to change the Tangle designs. These fit perfectly in my handbag and along with the square Tangle Tags I take them whenever I go away so I can Tangle on the move.

Included in this set are x50 rectangular Tangle Tags which have been cut by hand and printed on both sides. They are made with 300gsm white card stock and there is a hole at the top left hand corner which fits a binder ring, which is also included, allowing you to open to add or remove the individual Tags. Each Tag measures 65mm, 6.5cms wide by 125mm, 12.5cms high.
Printed on the front of each Tangle Tag is a rectangular box that measures 57mm, 5.7cms wide by 80mm, 8cms high and there are two title lines for you to fill in the name of your chosen Tangle and the designers name. On the reverse there are 6 square boxes for you to fill in the step out for the Tangle which each measure 27x27mm, 2.7x2.7cms and a title line.

As this item is made to order, it’s not possible to offer a refund or exchange. This item is made when I receive the order but please let me know if there any issues.

Please excuse any minor imperfections as these Tangle Tags are cut by hand not machine cut.