An Introduction to drawing Mandalas


What’s involved in the Introduction class?

In this class I will be showing you the materials we will be using, how to use them and getting started. We will go through the process for creating base templates, how to draw the centre of your Mandala and we will go through the process step by step. We will be learning how to grow your mandala, the terminology associated with Mandala art and some tips to make you Mandala journey easier, all of which I have learnt through my own mistakes from drawing for over 15 years. I will show you two different ways of how to create a gird template and a variety of patterns. We will complete a Mandala during this session which is your to keep.

This class includes a basic tool kit including white card stock, pencil and black fineliner pen which enables you to continue creating when you get home but please feel free to bring any of your own favourite art supplies along.

This class will need to be completed before moving onto more advanced classes or workshops as you will need to know the basics.

Extra materials can be provided at cost