Zentangle for children

1-3 hour class or can be a course

During these classes, which are aimed at children aged 8 and over, I will teach the children the Zentangle method, the tools we use, how to get started and official Tangles. I have chosen Tangles that are more suited to children rather than some of the more intricate Tangles that have lots of steps. I will walk the children through the steps of the Zentangle method and we will go through drawing the Tangles step by step. We will aim to complete 1-2 Tiles which each child will get to take home and keep.

Parents will need to stay rather than drop children off and are encouraged to join in and Tangle along so they can assist their child when Tangling at home. If you have a child younger than 8 who would like to take part, please email so we can discuss organising a bespoke parent and child class so that they can join a session where I will be able to arrange Tangles which are more suited to their age.

There are lots benefits for children learning the Zentangle method which can help to improve their general wellbeing. Attending a class will give each child the opportunity to learn something that’s easy and great fun which can increase their concentration, improve their hand-eye coordination, help to develop their fine motor skills and encourages relaxation. Children who believe that they can’t draw and who aren’t artistic will be amazed at what they can create by following the simple steps, even from the very first session, which can increase their self confidence and make them wonder what else they can achieve that they didn’t think possible.

Children are encouraged to continue to Tangle at home should they feel overwhelmed or are in an unhappy situation they will be able to use Tangling as a tool to help them to breathe, be calm, focus and help with their anxieties.

Students have found that using the Zentangle method during stressful periods, such as studying for their exams that the real the therapeutic benefits of relaxation, focus, concentration and it can help relieve any stress related nerves and anxiety.

All classes and workshops can be arranged for either in person sessions at your own venue or can take place online. Please contact me for more information and to discuss your requirements and costs.