Zentangle for Schools

1-3 hour class or can be a course

The Zentangle method offers a variety of benefits for children which can support their wellbeing. Some children can feel overwhelmed in their daily life and by attending a class they are learning a new tool to help combat those feelings. By teaching them the Zentangle process they can use the method when they feel these pressures and can sit down, breathe, focus, feel calm and help to control their anxiety. This easy to learn method can help children to increase their concentration, help with hand-eye coordination, improve fine motor skills and and will let their creativity flow. Children going through a stressful time, such as their exams, can use the Zentangle method as a therapeutic tool to quieten their mind, centre them self, reset and refocus on the studying and preparation for their exams in as little as 20-30 minutes.

While I was teaching 70 year 10 children during a 4 week course I noticed the difference between the children after just their first class. There were a few children who thought as it was something new and as it wasn’t a normal lesson that they could mess around but after 10-15 minutes, you could hear a pin drop, total silence! There they were, heads down, pen in hand with tongues poking out the side of mouths totally engrossed in drawing each step, line by line. At the end of each session we put together their Tiles to form a mosaic and the children were astounded by what they had created and some stayed well into their lunch hour to talk, ask more questions and see what I had in store for their next lesson. When I turned up for the following session I had four students who were waiting for me when I arrived who each told their own story of what they had been Tangling, one had been teaching her younger sister, one had visited a local arts and crafts store where she saw my artwork and other Certified Zentangle Teachers on display, one had been working with his whole family and one of them had brought in lots of Tiles that she had completed since the previous class. Their teachers would also join in and over the four weeks I ended up with teachers from other years and who taught other subjects and even the headmaster joined in and sat down amongst the children and enjoyed it just as much as the children so I was over the moon when I found out that the art teacher would be displaying their finished Tiles on the wall.

I offer a selection of classes for schools, colleges and places of learning which offer each student the opportunity of a couple of hours to learn something new, take some time out to relax, reset, have some fun and create some beautiful art.

Each class can be written around the school’s requirements, time frame and ages of children and can be a stand alone session or written to be a 4-6 week course. I can teach every week, every other week or once a month depending on what you prefer.

Please contact me for more information and to discuss your requirements. I’m happy to offer bespoke classes so if there’s a particular theme your looking for just let me know and I’ll do the rest. I’m happy to offer a reduced price for 10 students or more and I can either arrange to purchase the materials in bulk or provide you with the materials list for you to purchase with a supplier.

All classes and workshops can be arranged for either in person sessions at your own venue or take place online. Please contact me for more information and to discuss your requirements and costs.