Mandala Art kit box - x20 White Tiles

Mandala Art kit box with x20 White Tiles

This starter kit box includes the following:-

X1 clear plastic box
X1 4” Mandala making stencil template
X20 White Tiles 100x100mm, 10x10cms, 4x4”
X1 Sakura black fine liner 01 pen
X1 Staedtler pencil 160mm, 16cms
X1 Stabilo rubber
X1 pencil sharpener

The clear plastic box has a clasp at the front to open up and is made from polypropylene plastic. The inside measures 160x 110mm with a Depth of 30mm, 16x11cms with a Depth of 3cm, 6 1/2 x 4 1/2“ with a depth of 1 1/4”. The Box will comfortably hold 70 Tiles.

Please find the link below for the larger Mandala Arts kit box with x40 White Tiles:-

Materials: sharpener,eraser,Mylar,Mylar plastic,pencil,plastic,white Tiles,Sakura pen,plastic box