Drawing mandalas a 4 week course


What’s involved in the 4 week Mandala course?

This course is set over 4 weeks with a two hour lesson every week, two weeks or once a month which can be agreed with the students before.

We will be starting from the beginning and I will show the students everything they need to be creating mandalas and their own style in just 4 sessions.

In the first two hour session we will be starting with the basics where I will show the students the materials needed, how to use them and how to get started. I will talk them through the terminology associated with Mandala art. We will start by creating a base grid template where I will being showing how to create this two different ways and then will move onto designing centre patterns.

and will move through the intermediate and advanced stages including creating and combing patterns.

This 4 week course is ideal for schools, businesses and students looking for learning something new and advancing through the stages so they have the knowledge to continue creating mindful mandalas when they go home.

Extra materials can be provided at cost