Square dotty stencil 13x13cms,

Square ‘Dotty’ stencil measures 130x130mm, 13x13cms, 5 1/8 x 5 1/8inches and is made from 250gsm Mylar plastic.

⭐️square dotty stencil ⭐️
There are a total of 144 holes cut in a grid shaped pattern spaced at 10mm, 1cms apart. It has been designed to assist those with dexterity issues to be used with a pen or pencil to create a square template.

Along 2 of the outer sides ‘notches’ have been cut every 5mm, 0.5cms is a shorter notched and every 10mm, 1cms is a longer notch. This is to help with creating templates and set ups in Bullet Journal or in replacement of a ruler.

Help to create Zentangle, Mandala art, Celtic knots, Bullet Journals and are ideal for Tangles with grid base:- Cadent, W2, Higgins, Assunta, Stoic, Twile and many more.

Materials: plastic,Mylar plastic,Mylar