Pair of square plastic reusable Tic Tac Toe style stencils for Zentangle pattern art


Pair of 2 square plastic Tic Tac Toe style plastic reusable stencils for Zentangle patterns

These Tic Tac Toe style plastic stencils has been designed and tested by a CZT Certified Zentangle Teacher with the aim to create base templates without the need for time consuming measuring and it fits perfectly over the top of a standard size Zentangle Tile.
This Tic Tac Toe style stencil is ideal for those wanting to create perfect grid shaped patterns or to be used in a sketchbook.

The larger square stencil measures:-

The smaller square stencil measures:-

The outer measuments are

The inside square measures 90x90mm, 9x9cms with a grid with x9 squares cut out.

There are x9 small squares cut out which each measure 25x25mm, 2.5x2.5cms

The Title line measures 90mm, 9cms long