A4 clear plastic sleeves for the official Zentangle Bijou Tiles pack x5

The material description is a 180mic orange peel clear pvc.

These sleeves are A4 sized and have x12 square plastic pockets which each measure 75mm by 67mm, 7.5cm by 6.7cm in size. With a side opening to slot the Tiles in to display your artwork.

Each A4 sleeve holds a total 24 of the official Bijou Zentangle Tiles with 2 in each pocket, one Tile facing the front and one facing the reverse so the Tiles are slotted in back to back.

The material is very strong but pliable and it completely clear so it won't affect your view of the artwork.

Please note that the Tiles shown in the pictures are for reference and are NOT INCLUDED.

Materials: Plastic sleeves,clear plastic