Mandala making stencil kit. 12x12” Two part reusable stencils kit


12x12 inch Mandala making stencil template. 2 part reusable stencil, card, pen & pencil kit.

Each square stencil measures 12x12inches. 30x30cms or 300x300mm.

Picture 1 shows the first part of the stencil, which has 15 concentric circles which includes a small centre hole used to match up with the 2nd part.

Picture 2 shows the second part of the stencil, which has a centre circle to match up with the circle stencil then 12 lines cut at degrees each 5 inches, 13.2cms or 132mm long. These are shown drawn in pencil in picture number 4. There are 12 'nicks' marked at degrees which will enable the user to have a total of 24 line sizes as shown in picture number 5.

picture 6 shows both parts of the stencils used together drawn in pencils which forms the basic template to start a Mandala.

X10 sheets of 12x12inch white 170gsm card
X1 Black Sakura pigma pen 0.1 nib
X1 pencil
X1 Tortillion

Here’s the link for the You Tube video showing how to use the Mandala making stencil:-

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