Mandala square printed workbook


Mandala workbook square

I have been drawing mandalas for over 10 years and couldn’t find a sketchbook that had the base templates already drawn which also included a section with both dotty and grid pages for practicing my patterns. I ended up with one sketchbook for my mandalas, a second for with dotty pages and a third with grid pages where I practice and store my mandala patterns, so I decided to combine them all in one and created this workbook. I don’t need to use a compass, protractor and ruler to create my base templates and once I’ve drawn my design over the top of the light grey printed template, it disappears. This has saved me lots of time and when I want to create a mandala I can just start with my patterns without any time consuming measuring. if I happen to see a pattern while I’m out and about, I can flip to the back section and draw it using either the grid or dotty pages.

The square Mandala workbook measures 175mm by 170mm, 17.5cms by 17cms
with a wire bound spine so the book can be opened and lie flat. Each page has been cut from 170GSM white card stock and suitable for a variety fine liner pens. The front and rear covers are made from a thick clear 240gsm acetate to add extra protection.

100 printed pages with 4 designs, x2 Mandala templates, grid & dotty pattern all printed in grey ink.

Each page measures 160x160mm, 16x16cms with an outer border printed in black ink.

50 printed pages, front and back in a light grey ink
- 30 pages are a basic Mandala base template printed in grey ink.
- 30 pages with a different Mandala base template printed in grey ink.
- 20 pages of square grid pattern printed in grey ink spaced 5x5mm 0.5x 0.5cms apart.
- 20 pages are square dotty pattern printed in grey ink spaced 5x5mm, 0.5x0.5cms apart.

Pen & pencil shown in photos are for display purposes, please see the Mandala workbook kit.