Zenlets & envelopes pack of x8 Blue - set 1


Pack of 8 hand drawn & handmade Zenlets & Envelopes Blue - set 1

There are x8 Zenlets & Envelopes in this kit with different wording on the front of each Zenlet. Each Zenlet & envelope is hand drawn onto white 350gsm card stock using a blue pen.

Each Zenlet measures 95mm, 9.5cms, 3 3/4” wide. When closed 75mm, 7.5cms, and when opened out 150mm, 15cms.
On the front of each Zenlet there is an oval shape which measures 54mm, 5.4cms, 2 2/8”.

Each envelope measures 100mm, 10cms, 3 7/8” wide and 80mm, 8cms, 3 2/8”when closed to fit the Zenlet snuggly.
On the front each envelope there is a rectangle. 4 Envelopes have rectangles that are suitable for postal addresses that measure that measures 50mm, 5cms, 2” wide by 30mm, 3cms, 1 1/8”. X4 envelopes have smaller rectangles that are suitable to write a name and hand deliver which measure 40mm, 4cms, 1 1/2” wide by 20mm, 2cms, 3/4”.

Sizes may vary slightly due to being hand cut but Zenlets will fit into the envelopes.

Set 1 wording:-

Hugs & kisses
Best wishes
Thank you
Happy birthday
Sending love
With love
Just a note
Hugs from afar

Materials: envelopes,blue ink,white card,card stock