Mandala stencil to create a Mandala substructure


Square Mandala substructure reusable mylar plastic stencil.

This Stencil has been designed to make a substructure template to create a Mandala and has been designed and tested by a mandala artist, teacher and author of “Drawing mandalas” book to create a template without the need for time consuming measuring. The stencil has an hole in the centre to help with repositioning and to ‘marry up” with other Tangledweb Creations mandala making stencils and has been laser cut from 250gsm Mylar plastic which is reusable, strong, durable but pliable and can be wiped clean.

The stencil has 7 different sized squares to create 7 Mandala substructures:-

The outer creates a square that’s measures 180x180mm, 18x18cms, 7x7 inches.
The next creates a square that measures 150x150mm, 15x15cms, 5x5inches.
125x125mm, 12.5x12.5cms, 5inches
100x100mm, 10x10cms, 4x4inches
75x75mm, 7.5x7.5cms, 3x3 inches
50x50mm, 5x5cms, 2x2inches.
25x25mm, 2.5x2.5cms, 1x1inch

6 of the squares have a two 'notches' marked at the middle point to help with lining up with the centre hole on the stencil. Using a ruler and a pencil draw a line from the notches through the centre point.