Bullet Journal stencils 4 in a set - set number 1


Bullet Journal stencils set 1 - 4 in the set

Each stencil is 11cms wide by 20cms long. 110mm x 200mm. 4.5inches x 8inches.

Stencil number 1:- x14 square boxes 2x2cms. 20x20mm. 3/4x3/4inch. One long banner. X4 small circles. Small:- triangle, circle, heart & teardrop. Oval. Small flag. One long arrow & x3 flags all with different tips.

Stencil number 2:- x10 squares. Largest 10x10cms. 100x100mm. 4x4 inches. Smallest 1x1cms. 10x10mm. 1/4x1/4inch. X5 rectangles. Largest 10x5.5cms. 100x55mm. 4x2.1/4 inches.

Stencil number 3:- 2 large rectangles. 10x19cms. 100x190mm. 4x7.5 inches and 9x18cms. 90x180mm. 3.5x7inches.
X3 sets of flags 7 tips, 5 triangular tips and 5 larger with inverted pointed tips. X4 layered "title" boxes largest 8x5.5cms. 80x55mm. 3.5x2.5inches.

Stencil number 4:- x3 banners width 10x3cms, 100x30mm, 4x1inches. X3 mini banner heads with different shaped tips and 2 larger banner heads with inverted and pointed tips.

These stencils have been discontinued once sold and won’t be restocked.