Wire bound plastic sleeves for Artist Trading Coins


Mini wire bound plastic sleeves pad for Artist trading coins.

Each of these cute square wire bound pads has been made by hand and measures 86mm, 8.6cms wide by 75mm, 7.5cms in height. There are x10 plastic sleeves which each measure 70mm, 7cms wide by70mm, 7cms in height with an opening at the top enabling you to slide in one or two ATc’s per sleeve. If your ATC’s are decorated with raised embellishments then maybe only one ATC per sleeve.

The front cover is made from 500gsm cardstock and has been covered with pretty patterned card with designs chosen at random. To add extra protection the covers have a clear thick acetate also bound.

The acetate, covers and plastic sleeves have been bound together using white wire binding sealing everything into a small handbag size pad, an ideal for gifts for avid ATC’s designers, drawers of mini mandalas, Tanglers and those who art on the go.

Any ATC’s and artwork shown in the photos are for display purposes and are not included