Square tin with 10 coffee stained round art Tiles


Large square tin and x10 coffee stained round art Tiles

This kit includes a large square silver coloured tin and x10 round Zendala size coffee stained art tiles and is perfect Tangling and travelling

The square tin measures 127x127mm, 12.7x12.7cms and is 52mm, 5.2cms deep and can hold around 80 of the official Zentangle Apprentice or Zendala style art Tiles and a micron pen, pencil and Tortillion which makes it a perfect tin for travelling and Tangling. The lid of the tin slips over the top and has a step around the outside enabling stacking

Each of the Zendala size round tiles have been cut from either white or tan/natural coloured 250gsm cardstock and measures 115mm, 11.5cms, 4.5 inches. After applying the coffee stains by hand and drying, I have sprinkled some Finetec mica pearls and white ink over the top to add some sparkle.

These art tiles are suitable for Tangling, Mandala arts, collage, journalling, mixed media projects. Scrapbooking and card making.