Square tin and pack of 20 official Zentangle black Tiles


Square tin and pack of 20 Zentangle Black Tiles

This kit includes the following items:-

A pack of the official Zentangle black tiles which each measure 89x89mm, 8.9x8.9cms square. These Tiles are cut from a beautiful black Fabriano cardstock with rounded corners and are perfect for Tangling on with white gelly roll pens.

Each tin is made from tinplate and is silver in colour. These lovely tins measures 102x102mm, 10.2x10.2cms, 41mm, 4.1cms deep and can hold around 60 official Zentangle square Tiles making it perfect for packing up your Tiles and Tangling while on your travels. The lid of each tin slips over the top of the base and has a step around the outside enabling stacking.

The artwork, pen, pencil & tortillion shown in the pictures are for demonstration purposes and are not included. I do offer a variety of other listings that include tin kits watercolour and coffee stained precut tiles, tool kits and more.