Shapes Stencils set of x5. Reusable shapes stencils - set 1


Shapes set of 5 reusable stencils

Each stencil shape is laser cut from 250 gsm Mylar plastic which is reusable, strong, durable but pliable and comes in two parts, the outer part measures 140x10mm, 14x14cms, 5 1/5x 5 1/2”.

Two part small squares stencil. The 4 inner squares each measure 50x50mm, 5x5cms, 2x2inches.

Two part medium square stencil. The inner square measures 90x90mm, 9x9cms, 3.5x3.5 inches.

Two part small circle stencil. The 4 inner circles each measures 50mm, 5cms, 2inches in diameter or 25mm, 2.5cms, 1 inch in radius

Two part small hexagon stencil. The inner hexagon measures 75mm, 7,5cms, 3inches at its widest point and 65mm, 6.5cms, 2.5inches for the height. Each side measures 37mm, 3.7cms, 1.5inches in length.

Two part small heart stencil. The inner heart measures 65mm, 6.5cms, 2.5inches in height and 70mm, 7cms, 2 3/4inches at the widest point.

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