Set of 3 square tins for Zentangle Bijou Tiles


Set of 3 square tins for Zentangle Bijou Tiles with window lids.

This lovely little set includes 3 square tins that fit the Zentangle Bijou Tiles.

Each square aluminium tin measures 60x60mm, 6x6cms and is 35mm, 3.5cms in depth and can hold around 60 of the official Zentangle Bijou Tiles. The lip has a clear window which measures 44x44mm, 4.4x4.4cms enabling you to see through.

These cute little tins are perfect for Tangling on the go and with 3 tins you have 1 for the white Bijou Tiles, 1 for the Renaissance Bijou Tiles and 1 for the black Bijou tiles.

Any artwork, pens, pencils & Tortillion shown in the pictures are for display purposes and are not included. I do offer a variety of other listings for the Bijou size tins, watercolour and coffee precut watercolour washed Tiles and mini albums for storing and displaying your Bijou Tiles