Pair of square stencils, Tic Tac Toe and Dotty plastic reusable stencils for Celtic knots and Zentangle art


A pair includes a Square ‘Dotty’ plastic reusable stencil and a square Tic Tac Toe style stencil making it an ideal combination to practice and create grid based Tangles.

I designed these Dotty stencils to assist students with dexterity issues and the stencil can be used with a pen or pencil to help set up a base grid for Celtic knots, Tangles and journalling.

The square dotty stencil measures 130x130mm, 13x13cms, 5 1/8 x 5 1/8inches and is made from 250gsm Mylar plastic which is strong but pliable.
There are a total of 144 holes cut in a grid shaped pattern spaced at 10mm, 1cms apart and along two of the outer sides ‘notches’ have been cut every 5mm, 0.5cms is a shorter notched and every 10mm, 1cms is a longer notch. This is to help with creating templates and set ups in Bullet Journal or in replacement of a ruler.

There are 4 parts to this stencil, with the overall size of 140x140mm, 14x14cms. The largest of the inner squares that measures 115x115mm, 11.5x11.5cms which fits over the top of an Apprentice size Zentangle Tile. Then there is the next size down square that measures 90x90mm, 99x9cms, which fits over the top of a standard size Zentangle Tile, with x9 smaller squares which have been spaced to form a grid pattern with each small square measuring 25x25mm, 2.5x2.5cms

Over the top of the grid there is a ‘Title line’ that has been cut out so you can use this to include the Tangle name, Designer and or the date, which measures 90mm, 9cms.

This stencil is ideal for use in a sketchbook to create uniform ‘step out’ grids so you can form your Tanlge library or also for use on a Tile. Create a double page spread with your chosen Tangle’s step out on the left hand page and using the medium size square draw a couple of Tiles on the adjacent page and practice using the Tangle.

This bundle includes a square dotty stencil and a Tic Tac Toe style stencil to help to create templates for greid based Tangles and Celtic knots, Zentangle, Mandala art, Bullet Journals.

The materials shown in the photos are for display purposes and are not included.