Mandala making circle stencils set of 9


Mandala making circle stencils set of 9 reusable stencils have been designed to be used with a pencil and ruler to help create the base for Mandala art.

These 9 circle stencils have been designed and tested by a mandala artist, teacher and author of “Drawing mandalas” book with the aim of creating templates without the need and for time consuming measuring. The set of 9 circles have been laser cut from 250gsm mylar plastic which is reusable, strong, pliable but durable and will wipe clean. There is a hole in the centre to use with a pencil to help with repositioning and to 'marry up' with layers and other mandala making stencils

The largest circle has a Diameter of 10cms or 100mm. There are 36 notches around the outside each spaced at 10degrees apart. The diameter of the other 8 circles continue to decrease in size by increments of 1cms, 10mm down to the smallest which has a diameter of 2cms, 20mm.

Picture 3 shows the outlines drawn round each circle on the indents from the notches. You will need a pencil and ruler to join each 'notch' mark to the centre point to get the bases shown in Picture 4 shows that you can use as many in each Mandala base or as few a you choose and once the Mandala has been completed in pen, the pencil lines can be erased.