Mandala making 4” & 5” square reusable plastic stencils set of x2 - set 2


Set of 4” & 5” square Mandala making plastic reusable stencils.

This set includes x2 square Mandala making stencils

Both mandala making stencils have been designed and tested by a mandala artist, teacher and author of “Drawing mandalas” book and have a centre hole to help with repositioning and to ‘marry up” with other Tangledweb Creations mandala making stencils.

The larger of the two Mandala making stencils measures 126x126mm, 12.6x12.6cms, 5x5inch square and is made from 350gsm Mylar reusable plastic.
There are a total of 5 concentric circles spaced 15mm, 1.5cms, 1/2 inch apart.
There are 10 cut straight lines each cut 35 degrees apart with a further 30 notches cut.
When using both the cut lines and notches you will have a total of 40 lines.

The smaller Mandala making stencil measures 100x100mm, 10x10cms, 4x4inch square and is made from 350gsm Mylar plastic which is strong but pliable and durable and can be reused over and over again to create you mandala base templates

There are a total of 7 concentric circles with the first circle cut 5mm, 0.5cms from the centre with a further 6 concentric circles each spaced at either 5mm, 0.5 cms to 10mm, 1cms apart. The first 2 are 5mm, 0.5cms, the next 2 are 10mm, 1cms apart and the largest outer 2 circles are 5mm,0.5cms apart.
There are 9 cut lines each spaced 40 degrees apart with another 9 ‘notches’ cut. When using both the cut lines and the notches there’s is a total of 18 lines

Please find the You Tube video link below showing how to use the 4” Mandala making stencil:-

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Here’s a you tube video showing how to use the 5” Make A Mandala stencil