Clock blank kit


Clock kit with black plastic surround with clear plastic dome front

This clock kit is ideal as a gift for someone wanting to display their Zentangle or mandala piece or art. It’s has all you need to just add your artwork a battery and hang on the wall.

X1 Black plastic round blank that measures 230mm,23cms, 9 inch in diameter.
X1 Clear plastic round domed front cover 9 inch in diameter
X3 Clock hands, 2 black 1 red
X1 cardboard box

When assembled it’s 35mm, 3.5cms deep.

Once you have completed your chosen piece of artwork you make a small hole in the centre and place the artwork onto the centre of the black back with the artwork facing towards you. Put the 2 black clock hands and the red clock hand over the top, click them in place and apply the clear front cover with a twist and your are all ready to hang it on the wall.

Requires x1 AA battery which isn’t included.

Artwork shown in these pictures are just for display and are not included.