Circle Stencils set of 2 different sized reusable plastic stencils


Circle stencils. Set of 2 sized reusable stencils made from 250 Mylar plastic

The measurements for the outer square for both stencils: 140x140mm or 14x14cms or 5.5inches.
The diameter of the large circle is: 117mm or 11.7cms or 4.7inches.
The radius of the large circle is : 58.5mm or 5.85cms or 2.35inches.

The diameter of the 4 small circles are: 50mm or 5cms or 2inches.
The radius of the 4 small circles are: 25mm or 2.5cms or 1 inch.

There are a total of x5 circles

Suitable for use with pens, pencils and mixed media inks