Celtic knot rectangular dotty stencil


Rectangle ‘Dotty’ plastic reusable stencil for Celtic knots, Zentangle, Bullet Journalling.

I designed these Dotty stencils to assist students with dexterity issues and to help to plan the base grid template for drawing Celtic knots. The stencil can be used with a pen or pencil to draw the grid and can also be used to create the base for Tangles like Huggins, W2, Fife, etc and for set ups in Bullet journals.

Each rectangular stencil measures 150mm by 100mm, 15cms by 10cms and is made from 250gsm Mylar plastic which is strong but pliable and can be used for mixed media projects as it can be wiped clean.

There are a total of 276 holes cut in a grid shaped pattern, with the first row, the holes are spaced at 10mm, 1cms apart. The second row has been inset from the edge and are spaced at 0.5mm from the other holes above and below and cut at 10mm, 1cms from the ones either side of them.

This stencil is ideal for creating base grids for Celtic knots, Zentangle, Mandala art, Bullet Journals and take away the need for measuring and is perfect for drawing with travelling.

The materials shown in the photos are for display purposes and are not included.