Sketchbook kit - x2 4x4” sketchbooks with white 150GSM cartridge paper, pen, pencil & Tortillion kit

2 Sketchbooks with white paper - 4x4 inches, White 150GSM cartridge paper, pen, pencil & Tortillion kit

This kit includes:-

X2 4x4” mini sketchbooks with White cartridge paper
x1 Black 0.1 Sakura micron pen
x1 Zentangle pencil
x1 Tortillion/smudger

The hard front and back protective covers measure 105x105mm, 10.5x10.5cms 4x4inches.

Each page is made from 150gsm acid free White cartridge paper. There are 25 pages with a total of 50 pages to Tangle or draw on. Each page measures 101x98mm, 10.1x9.8cms, 4x4inches.

When opened out wide the sketchbook measures 215mm, 21.5cms, 17.5inches.

Practical wire-binding that lasts longer than glue.

These mini sketchbooks are ‘Handbag’ size so are suitable for Zentangle and Mandala art and perfect for travelling and Tangling on the move.

The hand-wrapped covers are made with tissue paper and are unique and colourful. Colours are chosen at random.

Materials: tortillion,pencil,Sakura pen,white card,wirobound sketchbook