Shapes stencils. Set of x5 reusable shapes - set 2

This classroom set of x5 reusable stencils includes the following:-

Each stencil comes in two parts which is made from 250 Mylar plastic. The outer stencil measuring 140x140mm, 14x14cms, 5.5x5.5 inches.

Two part large square stencil. The inner square measures 115x115m, 11.5x11.5cms, 4.5x4.5inches.

Two part large circle stencil. The inner circle measures 117mm, 11.7cms, 4.7inches in diameter and 58.5mm, 5.85cms, 2.35inches in radius.

Two part large heart stencil. The inner heart measures 85mm, 8.5cms, 3.5inches in height and 94mm, 9.4cms, 3 4/5inches at its widest point.

Two part large hexagon stencil. The inner hexagon measures 100mm, 10cms, 4inches at the widest point and 87mm, 8.7cms, 3.5inches in height. The 6 sides each measure 50mm, 5cms, 2inches.

Two part Triangle stencil. The 3 sides to the inner triangle each measure 87mm, 8.7cms, 3.5inches.

Please find below the link to set 1 classroom stencils:-

Materials: plastic,Mylar,Mylar plastic