Mandala square printed workbook

Mandala workbook square

The square Mandala workbook measures 175mm by 170mm, 17.5cms by 17cms
with a Wiro bound spine so the book can be opened and lie flat.
Each page is 170GSM white card stock and suitable for fine liner pens
100 printed pages with 4 designs, x2 Mandala templates, grid & dotty pattern all printed in grey ink.
Front and rear cover clear acetate to protect

Each page measures 160x160mm, 16x16cms with an outer black ink printed box

The first 30 pages are a basic Mandala base template printed in grey ink.
The second 30 pages are a more advanced Mandala base template prints in grey ink.
Then there are 15 pages of square grid pattern printed in grey ink spaced 5x5mm 0.5x 0.5cms apart.
The last 15 pages are square dotty pattern printed in grey ink spaced 5x5mm, 0.5x0.5cms apart.

Materials: card stock,white card,wiro bound