Artist Trading coin plastic sleeves refill pack

Artist Trading Coin clear plastic sleeves refill pack

This kit includes x10 clear plastic sleeves to hold the official 2 1/2” ATC sized Coins.

The x10 clear plastic sleeves each measure 70mm, 7cms, 2 6/8” in width & 70mm, 7cms 2 6/8” in height. They have been designed to fit either one or two ATC’s in each sleeve one facing the front and one facing the reverse by inserting each ATC through the opening at the top. The plastic material is made from 140 micron thick OP PVC plastic which is very strong but pliable. There are 2 holes cut into the plastic which have a diameter of 5mm, 0.5cms for the binder rings. These holes have been cut 3mm, 0.3cms from the side edge and 5-7mm, 0.5-0.7cms from the top and bottom edges with a gap of 45mm, 4.5cms in between.

The 2 holes cut into the clear plastic sleeves marry up with the square plywood album covers.

This size kit is suitable for the official Artist Trading Coins which measure 2.5” in diameter and will hold a total of x20 ATC’s. ATC’s are NOT INCLUDED.

Should you want to purchase the Artist Trading Coin plywood album from Tangledweb Create please use the link below:-

This kit comes with a total of x10 plastic sleeves.

Please note that the ATC’s shown in the pictures are for reference and are not included.

Here’s the link for the full ATC album & plastic sleeve kit:-