5” Mandala making stencil

5x5” square Mandala making reusable stencil

Mandala making stencils 5x5inch square with 10 cut lines.

This Make a Mandala stencil measures 126x126mm, 12.6x12.6cms, 5x5 inches and is made from 350gsm Mylar plastic.

There is a centre dot to help ‘marry up’ with repositioning and other Tangledweb Creations Mandala stencils.

There are a total of 5 concentric circles spaced 15mm, 1.5cms, 1/2 inch apart.

There are 10 cut straight lines each degrees apart with a further 30 notches cut.

When using both the cut lines and notches it will create a total of 40 lines.

Here’s a video showing how to use one of the 5” Make A Mandala stencil https://youtu.be/AsEq0aLMorc

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