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Each year businesses are spending a small fortune due to issues associated with stress, burnout and fatigue in the workplace. Companies have realised that they can help their staff and are starting to offer wellness and wellbeing services which include mindful, meditative and therapeutic activities to assist staff overcome these challenges and to help to create a good work-life balance. By giving your team the opportunity to attend an in house session you will be providing them with a simple and easy to learn method that can aid with their relaxation, help lift the pressures of their daily struggles, assist with anxiety and stress management and can even help with team bonding. It’s an opportunity to learn something new that can aid with their wellbeing, let their creativity flow and provide them with a tool which they can continue to use to unwind at home. As both Zentangle and mandalas are mindful and mediative art forms they can be used as a way to switch off. I have found that after a class students will go home show their families, teach their partners and children and quite often will join other sessions and continue creating which further enhances the benefits. 

I offer a variety of classes for businesses, charities and organisations which aim to offer each participant a couple of hours to take some time out to relax, breathe, reset and have some fun. I offer stand alone classes, courses and workshops and am happy to discuss your companies needs and write bespoke sessions based around your budget, staff or clients requirements. We can include a mosaic or Tile swap style project which can help with team building and both are a fun activity for groups. 

Please contact me for more information and to discuss your requirements. I’m happy to offer a reduced price for more than 10 students and I can arrange to purchase materials in bulk or can provide the materials list for you to purchase with a supplier. 

All classes and workshops can be arranged for either in person sessions at your own venue or take place online. Please contact me for more information and to discuss your requirements and costs. (Email address)


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